For as long as I could remember, I loved sharing stories. As a little girl, the earliest stories I heard were Hmong folktales my mom used to tell me before bedtime. Being illiterate did not stop her from using her words to weave magical worlds for my siblings and me each night. As I got older, I used to write my own stories and hide them away in my diaries and journals. My love for writing and storytelling eventually led me to print journalism where I did freelance work for local newspapers and magazines and had the opportunity to tell the stories of my community. Then, I yearned to write a story loosely based on my relationship with my mother, so I took a creative writing course and wrote a story entitled Two Different Worlds. Today, my greatest ambition is to write a novel about my mother’s journey from being a little girl in Laos to becoming who she is today–a strong, independent woman, mother, and grandmother living in a foreign land that she now calls home.

I believe it is through stories that we learn, connect, and build new opportunities. The purpose of this blog is to provide a space where Hmong American women can come to share their stories and learn from other Hmong women (guest bloggers are always welcomed), get tips about food, DIY projects, beauty and fashion, discuss and promote upcoming events in the Hmong community and networking opportunities, and provide and receive advice regarding personal and professional issues that we all face. It is a safe place where we can create a welcoming community of strong Hmong American women.

Welcome to Fish Eat Noodles! I can’t wait for us to begin our story together. If you have any questions/comments or would like to be a guest blogger, please e-mail me at jennifervang04@gmail.com.


Jennifer Lee


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